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This is an RF amplifier designed for 433 MHz. Each unit is hand trimmed for best performance. The unit has been designed to delvier max power with high efficiency. The input and output it matched to 50 ohm and have SMA Female connectors. The amplifier needs only 0 dBm driving power to deliver full output power.  The unit has 65% efficiency and do not need cooling as long as you use proper 50 ohm antenna or load.
AssemblyThis Unit is fully Assembled and Tested
Output Power33dBm (2W) at 6.5V driving Voltage (  (We recommend using 6.0V which will give 32.2dBm)
Input Power
0 dBm (1mW)
Current at 6.0V is 0.5A
Power supply
+5 to +6.5 DC   (We recommend using 6.0V)
Board size = 20 mm x 61 mm, Weight = 8.2 gram


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433 MHz Power Amplifier 2W

433 MHz Amplifier 2W output

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